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Our Mission

To help all beings live life meaningfully through the Dharma

Amitabha Buddhist Centre (ABC) has been established as a non-profit Buddhist organisation in Singapore since 1989. Since the '90s, ABC has reached out to society at large with the wish to benefit others beyond the religious sphere. From organising visits to nursing homes, to establishing Hospice Under the Care of Amitabha Buddha (HUCAB), a volunteer group that serves at the Dover Park Hospice, ABC also organises JINPA for Our Community, a food distribution project where we fund and donate basic groceries to help needy households in Singapore. As an independent non-profit Buddhist organisation, Amitabha Buddhist Centre relies on the generosity of our members and benefactors to fund all our projects and activities. Your kind contribution will help to reduce the cost our ongoing electric expenses so we can ensure the centre runs smoothly.