Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get a refund?

To refund your payments, please use the "Contact Us" button above to get in touch.

I received an email about a chargeback. What does this mean?

A chargeback is when a contributor contacts their credit card company and disputes their transaction and asking the card issuer for a refund. A contributor may file a chargeback because they

  • Don’t recognise a credit card charge.
  • Were charged more than once for something.
  • Didn’t authorise a payment.

If you don’t agree that the chargeback is valid, you can help us dispute it by providing information about the transaction. It typically takes 30 days for us to dispute the chargeback, and it may take your card company up to 75 days to resolve a chargeback and come to a final decision.

The chargeback process is initiated outside of Environmental Solutions (Asia) Pte Ltd, between the card issuer and their cardholder. In a dispute over a chargeback, the decision is ultimately made by the card issuer and we don't decide the outcome.

Does the organisation stop accepting payments once that month’s invoice value has been met?

No, the organisation can continue to receive payments until the invoice due date (for payment). The progress meter of this organisation will show the progress and status of payments collected. The payment value to offset their bill is set to three times the current invoice value, after which it is locked. Excess payments will be rolled over to offset their next invoice.

How do fees work in my country?

There is a fee that is charged for debit/credit card transactions.
The fee per transaction is as follows:

Domestic (Singapore) rate - 1.00% + SGD$ 0.15
Foreign rate - 2.85% + SGD$ 0.15

What is the minimum contribution amount?

At the moment, there is a minimum amount of SGD$ 5 for contributions.

Can my international friends contribute to my campaign?

Yes, they can! Payments to offset bills can come from all over the world using a major credit or debit card.

Important: Your bank will automatically convert your payment into the currency we use (SGD), and charge you the appropriate amount.

We do not charge any conversion fees, but you may want to check with your bank to see if they charge a currency conversion fee.

What fees is applied to payments?

There is an administrative fee of 5% that covers all finance charges and the costs of operating and maintaining the micro-philanthropy platform. This is a token sum compared to the average cost of 25% of funds received that most charities and social enterprises. i.e. $25 is spent to acquire every $100 received.

How can you know that the organisation has received your payment?

Successful payments will immediately appear on the page of the organisation, with total payment progress reflected in a chart. You will also receive an email notifying you that you made a successful payment to offset the organisation’s bill.

Is my payment tax-deductible?

Payments made on the micro-philanthropy platform are considered to be personal gifts and are not tax-deductible.

Do I need an account just to pay to offset an organisation’s bill?

Yes, you do.

You will need to create an account and fill in your details which include your:

  • Full Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Complete residential address
  • Set a password

Can I pay with my VISA/MASTERCARD cards?

We accept payments by credit or debit cards only.

We currently support all the major card issuers such as VISA and Mastercard from anywhere in the world.

Can I make a payment using PayPal?

Unfortunately at this point we do not support contributions via Paypal but you can make a payment via any of the major credit or debit cards issued anywhere in the world.

Is it safe to pay on the Micro-philanthropy platform of ES Power?

Yes, we use the same secure & encrypted payments technology as your bank to ensure your payment is processed safely.

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